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Hey, I'm Mehndi!

Bombay Chokri | Low Waste Living Advocate | Social Enterprise Supporter | Conscious Consumer | Cocktail Enthusiast | Foodie

Okay, before you think it let me clarify, I'm not a hippie who thinks we should all move to the mountains. I'm your everyday city girl who loves living in a city but also feels that we create way too much waste and trash as a species. We're a highly consumerist society that looks for happiness in the things we buy as opposed to the things we do and experiences we have. This is something that bothers me and I'm on a mission to set things right for myself and hopefully for you too :)


While completing my Master of Social Entrepreneurship and studying sustainability, I stumbled upon the widely popular Zero Waste Movement that is taking the world by storm. So, I started reading some more and decided that I want to live a Low to Zero Waste lifestyle. From that desire and passion was born this blog :) 


On the blog, you'll find tips on how you can reduce your trash in all aspects of your life along with information on ethical businesses you can support through mindful consumption. Trust me; it's not entirely impossible. It just requires some creativity and the courage to do things a little bit differently. I don't claim to have all the answers and solutions just yet, but as I move along I'll share all my learnings with you :)


What does one mean when they say they live a Low to Zero Waste Life you ask?


We all produce a lot of trash every day in almost all areas of our lives without ever thinking about where it all goes and what happens to the things we throw away. A Low to Zero Waste lifestyle urges people to think before they buy and think before they throw. The average person creates 4.3 pounds of trash EVERY SINGLE DAY. The Low to Zero Waste living movement encourages people to produce and send little to almost no trash at all to landfills, incinerators and our oceans.


The basic guideline for this lifestyle is to Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Rot.


Waste is nobody's friend, so it's time we said goodbye to it. Come along on my Low Waste journey, and I guarantee that you'll learn some interesting stuff, save a bunch of money, do something awesome for yourself as well as our environment and just generally have some fun trying something new. I promise it won't be a waste of time. 


Low to Zero Waste Living does not mean recycling more; it means recycling less. Intrigued? Watch the video below for more deets.




be mindful.

buy local.

ditch the plastic.


support slow fashion.


choose fair trade.

get your green on!

This chokri is totally crazy.

She can talk trash all day!

- Henna Punjabi
Editor, Minimal Living News
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