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February 6, 2018

It's really simple, bring your own bottle! Wherever you go, take your bottle along :)

I took my first step towards a Zero Waste lifestyle way before I'd even heard about the Zero Waste Movement. That first step was carrying my own water bottle wherever I went. I've always found the concept of buying bottled water a little strange and so a few years ago I decided it was time I started carrying my own bottle around. 


I've had the gigantic purple bottle pictured below for a really long time now. One could say that it's almost become a part of my identity. This bottle has been by my side through different jobs, holidays, my temporary move to Australia, all-nighters working on university assignments and even some major mind-numbing hangovers :P 




It's been estimated that over a million plastic bottles are bought around the globe every minute! Take a second and just think about that. A MILLION! That's ridiculous.


It's one of the easiest changes to make to your life. So go, get yourself that bottle. If you're worried that you might run out of water when you're out and about with your bottle, then fear not. You can always run up to your nearest restaurant or cafe and ask them to refill your bottle. I've never ever had anyone say no to this request. I mean, it's water you know. No one is going to deny your request. If you're worried that tap water might not be safe then get yourself one of those bottles that come with a filter. They're pretty affordable and come in a range of colours, sizes, etc. 


Think about all the money you'd save and the plastic waste you'd reduce if you just invested in a good, sturdy bottle. I'd recommend investing in a lightweight stainless steel bottle that you're guaranteed is not going to leak and well, let's just admit looks a lot nicer and keeps your water cooler. 


You might argue that plastic bottles get recycled but let's remember that the waste segregation and recycling systems in our country are pretty unorganised. Things are looking up as the government begins to invest funds into setting up more waste management centres and private companies along with NGOs step up to deal with the problem of mounting waste. But, my thought is that if we can just eliminate certain sources of waste like plastic bottles, then that's just what we should do. Recycling takes up a lot of energy and money so why recycle when you can just REFUSE.


I do hope you see sense in what I'm trying to say here and get yourself your own water bottle that'll be by your side, just like mine has. If you do, then take a picture of your bottle, tag Conscious Chokri and use the #wastefreeforthewin. Join the Zero Waste Movement and stand up for a zero waste life :)


Signing off,

Conscious Chokri


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August 14, 2018

February 6, 2018

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