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Let's raise the bar, shall we?

February 28, 2018

As a kid I used to have a bath with a bar of soap but as I grew older I switched over to using body washes and shower gels. I don't even remember when and how I made this transition but somewhere along the way I found myself enthralled by the fancy fragrances and packaging of the various shower gels and body washes available in the market. Not once did I stop to think about where all those empty soap bottles went once I threw them out or what even goes into making these gels and washes that I so happily clean my body with.


As I decided to transition over to a low waste lifestyle I realised that getting rid of these expensive, plastic packaged, chemical laden products was one of the easiest low waste switches I could make. And so I found myself scouring the internet for companies that sell paper packaged or unpackaged soap bars made of natural ingredients. Lucky for me there were way more options out there than I would've imagined. I soon realised that I could even make my own soap bars as the process isn't too hard but with the gazillion things I'm currently doing in life that looks a bit difficult at the moment. I am extremely thankful that there are companies out there making sweet smelling, well priced soap bars made of natural ingredients.



Why switch to a bar of soap?

  • You'll help divert a ton of plastic bottles that would otherwise end up in a landfill or become a part of our informal recycling system

  • You'll most likely save a bunch of money. A lot of the body washes and shower gels tend to be quite expensive whereas a good bar of soap will probably set you back anywhere between Rs.150 to 200 which isn't too much

  • It'll make your bathroom look and feel less cluttered. Let's face it, most of us have bathroom shelves lined with a gazillion bottles of different products. Switching over to a bar of soap will help you keep your bathroom shelf looking neater which is awesome in my opinion

  • They're less likely to be laden with parabens (preservatives), palm oil and synthetic colouring, all of which your body just doesn't need and probably doesn't even like

  • You can truly know what goes into making your soap as most companies that make and sell soap bars are more than happy to reveal this information to you

In case your concerned about missing exotic fragrances, sweet smelling soaps there's no need to worry because soap bars smell just as nice and you can use your loofah and lather up just easily.


If you're looking to make the switch yourself I'd recommend checking out a few companies like IolaBare Necessities, Embarstore, Do Bandar, Rustic Art, Voodoo Soaps, Natuur, and Soapworks India. These are some of the companies I know of but I'm sure there are many more out there if you just do a quick google search.


Small tips:

  • Look for a company or soap making professional who is in your city. That way you can maybe pick up your products in person and avoid the packaging that it would otherwise be couriered in when being ordered from another city. Plus you never know, you may end up really liking the person you pick up your products from and possibly find a new friend to discuss more low waste living ideas with :)

  • Call the company and make sure that they pack their products in paper and not plastic. If they don't then ask them if they'd be willing to. Explain to them why you're making this request and they're most likely to help out with your request. 


P.S : I am soon going to experiment with making my own soap at home so stay tuned for more on that. Till then, happy bathing! 


Signing off, 

Conscious Chokri






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